Daniel Jones


Daniel Jones, the name Daniel and Jones are quite a popular name in english speaking countries with many Daniel's being named all over the world and the surname jones being quite popular in the UK and Wales. There are several famous Daniel Jones in the world from a footballer to a muscian in a famous band called Savage Garden, here are some famous Daniel Jones's, Daniel Jones is the name of: Daniel Jones (phonetician) (1881–1967), phonetician, author of The Pronunciation of English, Daniel Jones (chancellor), chancellor of the University of Mississippi, Daniel Jones (composer) (1912–1993), Welsh composer, Daniel Jones (dancer), English National Ballet, Daniel Jones, Vocals/writer for 7th Order, Daniel Jones (musician), Australian musician, member of Savage Garden, Daniel Jones (footballer) English footballer, Daniel Jones (rugby player), Wales international rugby union player, Daniel Webster Jones (governor) (1839–1918), Governor of Arkansas,Daniel Webster Jones (Mormon) (1830–1915), Latter-day Saint pioneer, colonizer, translator, and author, Daniel T. Jones (1800–1861), U.S. Representative from New York

Daniel Jones


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